Little Angels                       

Little Angels is a SEBD classroom based on Nurture Group Principles.  The classroom setting is half home and half school including a kitchen area, home area and work area, based in the centre of the school.   

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The children spend the first ten minutes in their year group classes each morning for registration. This ensures their sense of belonging both in their own class and within the whole school community.  They return for appropriate sessions and time periods to access the curriculum.  The children sit amongst the whole school in the dining hall, mix with their age groups at break-times and return to their class for afternoon registration.

The rationale is that these children may have missed out on early experiences that promote good development. The role of the adults is to gain some understanding of gaps in development, to meet the needs of the children at the stage they have reached and to offer emotional acceptance and focused teaching.

Little Angels is overseen by the Local Authority as children do not directly attend from St Michael and All Angels. There should be a maximum of 8 children in the base supported by 2 members of staff. The function, entry, exit and transition plans of the bases are all outlined in the Local Authority document ‘Education Inclusion Bases - SEBD’

The LA Behaviour and Exclusions manager Alison Grimshaw line manages the 'Little Angels' Base.                                                          


Ø  To provide a flexible and preventative resource which is responsive to the particular needs of the children attending.

Ø  To provide on-going assessment and support for children showing signs of emotional stress and behavioural difficulties with the aim of enabling the child to access the curriculum and participate in school life.

Ø  To provide a secure and reliable small class setting where children can learn by re-experiencing pre-school nurture from two caring adults who actively work towards enabling their successful integration into their mainstream class.

Ø  To help the children learn to behave appropriately, use their curiosity constructively, improve their self-esteem and develop confidence, through close and trusting relationships with adults.

Ø  To work in partnership with class teachers and parents to enable consistency of approach both at home and at school.


Leaflet explaining the experiences the children will have access to this year 2017-2018