Whole Class Readers

At St Michael and All Angels we are using the Whole Class Reading approach to encourage all children to enjoy books and reading.


Autumn Term 2019


Year 2

Year 2 are reading ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’ by Jill Tomlinson over the Autumn Term.


Year 5

Year 5 are reading ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ by John Boyne over the Autumn Term.


Year 2

Year 2 have been reading ‘The Minpins’ by Roald Dahl.


Year 5

Year 5 are reading ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’ by Anne Frank over the Summer Term.

wish chair.jpg

Year 2

Year 2 have enjoyed reading The Adventures of the Wishing Chair by Enid Blyton.  They have learnt lots of new vocabulary and loved finding out about the different lands and places Mollie and Peter visited.


Year 5

Year 5 have heard all about the journey of Edward Tulane.  They even had a little Edward Tulane puppet that they dressed up and made stories for. 


Year 3

Year 3 are reading ‘Leon and the Place Between’ by Grahame Baker-Smith over the Autumn Term.


Year 6

Year 6 are reading the amazing book ‘Wonder’ by R. J. Palacio over the Autumn Term.


Year 3

Year 3 are reading ‘There’s a Pharaoh in our Bath’ by Jeremy Strong over the Summer Term.


Year 6

Year 6 are reading ‘An Eagle in the Snow’ by Michael Morpurgo over the Summer Term.


Year 3

Wanting to prove to his brothers and sister that magic really exists, Leon volunteers to be in Abdul Kazam's magic show and gets transported to a mysterious world. Filled with rabbits, doves, playing cards and magician's assistants - among other things - if a magician can make it disappear, it will end up in the Place Between!


Year 6

Year 6 have been reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by JK Rowling.  They have written their own ideas for a friendship potion and rules for a game of quidditch.  Some children enjoyed it so much that they have continued reading the series at home.


Year 4

Year 4 are reading ‘Hermelin the Detective Mouse’ by Mini Grey over the Autumn Term..


Year 4

Year 4 are reading ‘The Butterfly Lion’ by Michael Morpurgo over the Summer Term.


Year 4

Year 4 have been reading The KrindleKrax by Phillip Ridley.

Reading Vipers.  

KS1 and KS2 use the reading vipers document from The Literacy shed to inform our planned activities.